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Promoting the reintegration of offenders at local and European level

The “Perspektive” project aims to utilise the full development potential in the area of offender reintegration. There is an opportunity not only to support prisons in their day-to-day work at a local level, but also to make a significant contribution to the exchange of experts at a European level. We have formed an international consortium, drawing on the experience gained from previous projects such as STEPSNEXT STEPS and the state initiative Handwerk im Hafthaus. This consists of experienced players in the fields of public relations, psychology, business and more, who work together with prisons from various European countries.


Reducing prejudice and reintegrating prisoners into the labour market

Preparing prisoners for their reintegration by strengthening and developing social skills, which are also of great importance for professional life.

Strengthening the employability of former prisoners by reducing prejudices among employers, colleagues and other stakeholders in society.

Intensifying cooperation between various organisations from the business world and the prison system in different European countries

To view prisoners across the board as people who deserve a second chance. The focus should be on actively supporting and facilitating the inclusion of ex-prisoners in the labour market.


The planned results serve to secure the objectives pursued


PERSPEKTIVE-Handbook: Experiential education in the prison system. A handbook for the practice-orientated and sporty promotion of professional skills of prisoners


PERSPEKTIVE-Magazine: Building bridges between society and inmates by providing insights into europes prisons, promoting personal stories and career prospects


PERSPEKTIVE-Network: Promoting the integration of prisoners into the labour market through Europe-wide exchange of experience and personnel networks in the prison system

Project development

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The third week in February 2024 was a very eventful working week. The kick-off meeting took place over two days at a total of five different locations, including the premises of the WHKT in Düsseldorf and the prison in Heinsberg. This organisational feat was necessary in order to provide the more than 30 participants of the kick-off meeting with enough space to get to know each other and for the first working sessions. While one group was given a guided tour of the prison in Heinsberg, another group worked on concepts for the implementation of work packages 2 and 3 in the nearby seminar room. On the second day, an intensive round of introductions helped to visualise potential synergies between the project partners. The upcoming meetings in Bucharest, Reykjavik and Izmir were also planned and the dissemination strategy for the coming month was discussed.

The project started on 1 December 2023 and will run for 36 months. We are looking forward to the cooperation in our consortium.


The international and experienced project consortium

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